About Us:

ACI Entertainment was formed primarily to produce, promote and manage concerts, music festivals, carnivals, sporting events and community events. Doing so, ACI also aids in bringing entertainment to venues that traditionally get overlooked by artists, agents, managers, etc… By partnering with venues, we seek to minimize the venues exposure to risk associated with producing, marketing and managing a concert, music festival, etc…

ACI Entertainments' team of creative solution providers has years of experience in producing world-class events, which ensure high standards of quality service. With access to a network of local and international event suppliers, agents and entertainment consultants, it provides a professional outlook into the world of event management.

By finding the right entertainment package, be it a music legend or newcomer, ACI handles it all in the most professional manner, keeping the focus on the objectives behind an event as well as the smallest details.

From conception to completion, everything that ACI Entertainment brings to the table is organized with a great deal of pride, wisdom, experience, accuracy and creativity.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a high quality, unique entertainment experience for all attendees at anyone of our many events. All while meeting and exceeding all the artists' performance needs with professionalism and expertise. Meanwhile, building a lasting relationship with venue owners, management, sponsors and all parties involved.


ACI Entertainment has been creating dynamic partnerships and unforgettable live events with top tier artists and leading brands.

We're all about the music and work hard to build unforgettable branded experiences. It's not just about consumer impressions or marketing talk, it's about how music is able to cut through the ad noise, set your brand apart, and build an authentic connection with consumers. Think of ACI as your all-access pass. ACI Entertainment will manage every program detail so you can focus on what you do best—building your brand.

We'll do just about anything for our clients, but here are a couple of things we rock at:

  • Partnerships
  • Event Creation
  • Activation
  • Branded Content
  • Social Media

Contact Us at 847.466.1079